2013 Projects

Community Support Services

Akron, OH

communityhealthsurvey.com has worked for nearly five years with Community Support Services (CSS) to design and facilitate a comprehensive inclusion culture change initiative. As a result of RRC’s work with the board of directors to develop a strategic plan and subsequent engagement with CSS’s staff to develop a tactical plan, the need to transform the agency’s culture to exhibit more inclusive behaviors was identified.

The development of a strong agency committee, the design and delivery of a two-part inclusion training for every staff member, meeting facilitation, senior and middle management leadership capacity-building, and program evaluation support have been at the heart of the agency’s success to produce concrete results.

The RRC team is currently working with the committee to design and execute a 360 Degree Inclusion Behavior Performance Assessment that will serve as a professional development tool.


Akron, OH

communityhealthsurvey.com is working with Prism Health, LLC, a behavioral health partnership with four major agencies, to create a sustainable and profitable business and expansion plan that capitalizes on the new opportunities created by the passage of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. Building upon its work two years ago to facilitate a process that established strategic priorities and strategies, the current project is designed to leverage new market and organizational possibilities.

Growing Hope Food Movement

Akron, OH

Building upon a successful community summit in the spring of 2011 that brought over 200 residents, farmers, CSA’s, food processors, restaurants, and policy-makers together to establish shared values and priorities to build a local food system and economy, communityhealthsurvey.com is providing leadership development, meeting facilitation, and community engagement expertise to the Growing Hope Food Movement.

Our work has supported a bi-weekly meeting of community leaders and volunteers who recently launched the Growing Hope Film Series & Community Healthy Potluck which is attracting a diverse demographic including minority and immigrant populations. A successful Fall Food Festival was also produced within the KaRen community to support its agriculture project.

In 2013 a secong Growing Hope Food Summit was held at multiple locations across two days.  Over 250 people of diverse backgrounds attended the April 12 and April 13 Summit to learn more about growing, preparing, and eating healthy foods.  WKSU covered the event --  A banquet of ideas at Akron's Growing Hope Food Summit.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio

Macedonia, OH

In response to the need to more fully engage the voices of girl and adult members within the Council, communityhealthsurvey.com recently worked with staff, board and volunteer adult leadership to plan and facilitate a successful town hall meeting. Questions were submitted prior to the meeting and staff presentations were prepared to address as many issues raised as possible. Volunteer leaders were supported to provide opening remarks and other staffs were prepared to provide floor management support.

communityhealthsurvey.com also provided the main facilitation for the event. Based upon the success of the town hall meeting, additional meetings are being planned and new work teams are being created to engage members in learning more and contributing to future plans.

Akron Community Foundation and BVU: The Center for Non-Profit Excellence

communityhealthsurvey.com was engaged last spring by the Akron Community Foundation to work with three successful local fatherhood programs to support their willingness and capacity to collaborate. As a result of that initial consultation, communityhealthsurvey.com was asked to deepen its work with the leadership of these programs to refine a shared strategic plan and to support these groups to take concrete steps toward collaboration.

University Park Alliance

Akron, OH

communityhealthsurvey.com is designing and managing a community engagement project to assist University Park Alliance (UPA), a community development corporation in Akron, Ohio to create an “Empowered Urban Social & Economic Infrastructure” within a 50 block area of the central city. This initiative is a new effort to position neighborhood groups, faith communities, social service agencies, and small businesses to work collaboratively.

The strategy is designed to build a resilient community by stabilizing and strengthening the current resident base, creating a strong sense of place and attracting new business and residents. Relationship-building, quality affordable housing, safe streets, economic development & jobs were identified as key priorities at a recent neighborhood summit that drew over 300 people. Significant progress has already been made to build neighborhood-based organizations and leadership teams that are developing a network of community gardens, addressing vacant housing, and implementing community-building events.

The Round River team worked with faith and neighborhood leaders to design a six month leadership training program that is equipping almost 100 residents, faith and social service community members to lead an asset-based community development strategy.

Upcoming Events

  • Akron Community Garden Tour

    August 24, 2013, 10am - 3pm

    Akron Community Garden Tour

    August 24, 2013, 10am - 3pm

    Visit model community gardens throughout Akron.  Learn from the experts. Trolleys will be available. For more information.  For more information check out the Growing Hope Facebook page